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Living Bankside is committed to improving air quality in central London, whose residents face some of the worst levels of air pollution in Europe. Our Air Quality Report of May 2018 reviewed in June 2020 found that air pollution leads to an estimated 9,416 Londoners to die prematurely every year. Bankside is among the worst affected areas in London; In 2016, Borough High Street had the highest annual concentration of NO 2 in Southwark. A study from King’s College London found these levels of NO 2 to exceed the legal limits set by the EU and WHO. With such a significant number of people regularly exposed to the high air pollution in Bankside it is vital that measures be adopted to improve air quality in the area. We have been involved in a number of
projects to tackle this issue.


Poor air quality is one of the most important public health issues facing London.  Over 9,500 people die prematurely in the capital as a result of air pollution. Air pollution disproportionately affects the vulnerable, the old and the young, but it also contributes to long term health problems such as heart disease. 

Local air quality has direct impacts on the business community, from missed working days to comprised international competitiveness. Local air quality is important to our businesses – 79% of businesses want to see improvements in local air quality. This was the second most important priority in an independent survey of business owners, after ‘Investing in public spaces and urban greenery’ and just above ‘Improving streets for walking and cycling’.

There are currently no air quality monitors in the Bankside area. However, detailed monitoring carried out by Kings College London show that levels of the Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Particulate Matter (PM), on major roads and junctions fail the limits set by the EU and WHO. 

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has announced a number of steps to tackle air pollution including an Emissions Surcharge and an Ultra-Low Emission Zone for Inner London.  These will help reduce levels of Nitrogen Dioxide in Bankside> Living Bankside endeavours to build on this measure to reduce Nitorgen dioxide further as well as Particulate Matter. This is a problem as research has found that there are no safe levels for particulates. Build-up of particulates also causes grime on windows, buildings and clothes.

Working directly with local businesses and other key stakeholders, we have developed a number of programmes to improve local air quality.

Please see below for a list of Air Quality projects

Air Quality & Environmental Sustainability Fund


Our Air Quality & Environmental Sustainability Fund has been created to allow individuals to donate to our green projects. Money donated is non-fungible and will be specifically channelled to issues relating to air quality and environmental
sustainability. Join us in helping to improve air quality in Bankside.

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