Living Bankside is a independent charitable organisation, a specialist in Community Consultations. Living Bankside has a wealth of experience in Planning and Regeneration, it is well established and highly regarded in SE1 and beyond. 

Our ability to provide an exceptional consultation service lies in our comprehensive network of residents, community organisations, businesses and local, regional and national government.


We take a holistic approach when undertaking consultations. Our commitment to reaching all including those harder to reach is at the heart of our service.

Our ability to conduct door-to-door consultations at short notice, reach 1000s of residents through our e-newsletter and our direct contact with key stakeholders enables us to conduct consultation with speed and at a standard which is beyond the usual tick-box consultation exercise.

We believe that our holistic approach provides greater benefits - fostering greater public relations and providing invaluable information and constructive feedback which has proved to enhance a project, initiative or development.  


For more information and to commission us contact us on:

  • Door to door consultation or direct consultation via email/phone

  • Promotion of exhibitions 

  • Workshops with immediate neighbours  

  • Public Meetings

  • E-newsletter advert

  • Physical Newsletter Advert

  • Construction Management engagement with immediate neighbours 

  • Letter/flyer drops

All of the above can be done virtually where necessary. 


Key achievements include:

  • Door to door community consultations at the initial stage of producing Neighbourhood Plan reaching hundreds od residents acroos Borough and Bankside. 

  • Door to door consultation on the Draft Bankside Neighbourhood Plan reaching over 300 residents in 4 days.

  • Door to door consultation on the New Southwark Plan (Site Allocations and Area Visions) reaching over 500 residents. 

  • Door to door consultation on the Old Southwark Fire station development reaching dozens of residents living immediately to the scheme. 

  • Public meeting organised for Peabody Triangle and 160 Blackfriars proposed developments - attended by dozens of residents living immediately to the schemes.