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The Old Southwark Station is located on 94 Southwark Bridge Road, near Mint Street Park. 

The site contains two Grade II listed buildings: Winchester House (which ranges between 1777 and 1820) and the former Southwark Fire Station (1878).

Since the Fire Station closed its doors in January 2014, Hadston has been working closely with the local community to bring forward a redevelopment proposal. Please see below. 

The Old Southwark Fire station Redevelopment proposal consists of a new community school comprising of  a 900 student secondary school and 250 student sixth form, including: 
• A new multi-use games area;
• The secondary school will be non selective and will work with local people on the admissions policy; and
• Fully compliant with all mainstream educational guidelines

The Redevelopment proposal also includes new homes which will enable the delivery of the new school. 

The new homes will include: 

Around 205 high quality new homes in a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms.
Converted fire station cottages for family homes.
• Sensitively designed public landscaping.
• New community and leisure space at ground floor level.

The Redevelopment proposal also features much needed net green space. 

Please click here for the Old Southwark Fire Station Exhibition boards. 

The Old Southwark Fire Station Redevelopment is currently in consultation (consultation end date = Thursday 11th May 2017) and in the process of being assigned to a forthcoming Planning Committee.

To access the planning application on Southwark Council's Planning portal please click here.

For more information please visit the Old Southwark Fire Station Redevelopment Website or contact us.

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