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David Stephens 

David Stephens moved to Bankside from Islington in 2005.


As a retired architect and resident he has played an important role in Southwark Council's Conservation Area Advisory Group.


In 2013-2016 he became interim Chairman of Bankside Residents' Forum.

Living in Clink Street he pioneered the new vision for Winchester Palace, working with BRF, BOST and English Heritage to develop plans with the help of Allies & Morrison. 

He also initiated the concept of  Low Line routes West-East and North-South across Bankside alongside the railway viaducts. This idea was swiftly picked up by Better Bankside and the Neighbourhood Forum and is now part of the local plan. The routes should make the railways arches less hostile and bring improvements to the public realm, and encourage people to walk around the area and to explore the area away from the river path.

David's hobbies are travel, walking, screen printing, photography and exploring London.

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