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Darren Dolphy
Director - Marketing

Darren has lived in Bankside for over 10 years; he runs his own business and is a Marketing specialist.


He is also the founder of Sobek Water a UK sourced bottled water company and the not for profit organisation Clean World Water, which works with various international organisations, assisting them with clean water aid.


This year Darren will be running the London Marathon to raise money for WhizzKidz, a charity which provides support for disabled children.


He also runs a pop up art gallery called medium across Southwark and internationally in other cities such as Paris, Zurich and New York.


Darren currently serves as a director of Bankside Residents’ Forum with a particular passion in projects relating to the elderly. He has a wealth of experience in fundraising and has published a self-help book entitled Fantastic Mr Wit b+d = success.

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