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Andrew Richardson
Advisor for Planning,
Regeneration and Communities

Andrew Richardson has been involved in the regeneration of London’s riverside communities for over thirty years. He is a specialist in spatial planning, economic development, and community planning, and has advised over forty public, private, and voluntary sector bodies around the UK. He passionately believes London needs to look for sustainable solutions to the built environment, and that local participation in the design and decision-making of a development scheme is always commercially beneficial to any prospective developers. For three years, Andrew was the Bankside Resident Forum Coordinator and produced a number of strategic reports highlighting the future planning pressures and challenges for Bankside which local residents and businesses need to address.  

In the past, Andrew's consultancy work has supported and developed rural areas in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, and Warwickshire, as well as in urban places like Hackney, Liverpool, Gloucester, and Lewisham. Most of his commissions have been undertaken for local government, contracts have included work for councils in Nottingham, Southend, Leicester, Bristol, Havering, Mansfield, Halton, and Southwark. Other clients have ranged from regional development agencies, the charity sector, to a number of emerging neighbourhood level community and business forums. Often such projects have been about producing and implementing strategies, looking at ways of partnership development, or the research, design, and evaluation of programmes on specific regeneration themes. 

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