Marion Marples

Achievements: post AGM 17 March 2016
New Board : chair and officers appointed (Thanks to Tony Linforth Hall, Michael Ball)
Employed Coordinator and Events Organiser for 6 months
Funding: Neighbourhood Fund £10,000
Application to UStSC, Neighbourhood Fund for future
Board Meetings : Sept, Oct, Nov, 
Open Forums: June, Sept, November
Programme of events: Iftar (June), Summer Festival (Aug), One World (Oct), Winter Festival (Dec)
Acted as NP Secretariat
Filming (with Bankside Village)
Employed a CEO from Jan 17
Advertised for, interviewed and worked with interns

Bankside Community Space 

18 Great Guildford Street


SE1 0FD 

T: 020 3488 7293

E: info@livingbankside.org

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