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Herbs at Home: growing your indoor garden

General tips for growing herbs at home

  • Choose pots with good drainage, lots of holes

  • Use strong, organic soil if planting from scratch with seeds

  • However, you can buy pre-potted plants from large supermarkets

5 Herbs to try growing at home

Basil: This herb loves heat and bright light, and so would be suited to a South/West facing window which receives the most sunlight. Rotate if leaves begin to lean towards the sun. Avoid a draft as basil does not like the wind. Basil is great for the summer but is not a traditional houseplant and will need replanting every few weeks.

Mint: Keep the soil moist but not overly wet (if visible soil is dry to the touch, add some water). Mint likes moderate to strong light and can withstand temperatures up to 30 degrees, so again plant by a South/West facing window. Rotate every ¾ days to ensure even growth.

Note: These next three are Perennial Herbs – Herbs that can live up to two years or more.

Parsley: Parsley loves light! Provide the strongest light you are able to, and plant in a deep pot if possible, to prevent the roots sitting in soggy water. Keep the soil slightly moist, and remove water regularly from the under-pot saucer, again to avoid roots sitting in soggy water.

Thyme: Enjoys warmth but is a great indoor herb as it can grow with indirect light, with an optimum of 6 hours sunlight a day. Water when the soil is dry to the touch, but don’t let it wilt. Thyme works particularly well in a clay planter if you have one, as it allows the herb to dry out between watering and prevent overly soggy roots, although any type of pot with good drainage will do, as long as the roots do not sit in water.

Oregano: Water and Light! Oregano thrives under bright light, so a South/West facing window will work best for this herb. In terms of watering, the key is little and often as Oregano is naturally drought resistant but it does like to stay moist. 

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