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We offer an initial assessment for applicants to help ensure the planning application process is smooth and is able to address any potential community concerns at the earliest possibility. The assessment allows applicants to receive light-touch advice and/or to meet up with our team before submitting a formal planning application. The light-touch advice is based on Living Bankside's Planning Criteria and material planning considerations. 

The assessment is intended to provide applicants with an indication as to whether the proposal is likely to gain our support or objection, what the key planning concerns are likely to be.

The assessment is a requirement of our planning process and developers MUST request an assessment without which we will not be able to provide detailed feedback and engage properly with any proposals

Where desired and or necessary we will meet with the applicant as many times as is required or requested to discuss matters. 


For the initial assessment to be effective it will require that the applicant provide as much information and or detail on the proposals. 


Our team  will provide a written assessment of the proposals no later than 14 days.  The written assessment will be commensurate with the amount and detail of information provided by the applicant.


Since Autumn 2020 we have conducted a number of initial assessments for planning agents and developers. These have included CIT, WPP, , Kanda, Four Communications, Carvil Ventures, Borough Yards and many others.

The assessments have been immensely beneficial to those developments, as we are able to provide crucial information and solutions that enhances the proposed development and eliminates or mitigates any negative impacts. 


The initial assessment ensures our responsibilities to local residents of representing their concerns are satisfied and are not compromised, whilst providing useful insight and solutions to developers to mitigate or prevent potential negative effects of development - thereby resulting in appropriate development which is beneficial to all.  

To make an initial assessment service application email us on

Initial Assessment Fees

Flat fee of £1500 

Follow up meetings + detailed feedback on any proposals with significant changes or counter proposals: £500

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