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Marion lived in the Bankside area for over 40 years and is passionate about the History and Heritage of the area. She was heavily involved in the area through her work as part of the team at the family run London SE1 website since 2000 and as Pastoral Assistant at Southwark Cathedral since 2005, with a particular focus on the cathedral's ecumenical links with Bergen and Rouen.

Marion served as Secretary of Bankside Residents’ Forum (now called Living Bankside) and had been involved with the organisation since its inception, supporting the organisation throughout its years. From June 2018 Marion served as Vice Chair of Living Bankside playing a crucial role in expanding and strengthening the work of Living Bankside.

Through Southwark Cathedral as  a Southwark Pastoral Auxiliary she  supported Lucy Brown House residents (sheltered housing) and established the Robes Winter Night Shelter project in 2007.


From 1983 to 2005 Marion ran the Confraternity of St James charity, promoting pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and was greatly involved with the Christian community both in Southwark and internationally.

In 2006 Marion co-founded through Bankside Residents’ Forum (now Living Bankside) the Tate Modern Community Film Club, a project which brought together residents to socialise through film.

In 2007 Marion co-founded the St George in Southwark Festival With Leigh, committed to celebrating St George's Day as an inclusive, multicultural event. 

For her long standing community work Marion was awarded the Southwark Civic Award letter of Commendation in 2015 and the 


Marion was also a volunteer for the Christ Church Garden steering group and was a primary teacher in Wandsworth up until 2000.

Marion helped manage and improve Gambia Street Garden in Southwark. A project she initiated to install a set of mosaics in Gambia Street – with several of the designs suggested by Marion herself – had just been completed at the time of her death.

in 2018 Marion was part of a group of 20 people who performed a spoken word piece devised by local writer Michelle Lovric combining fragments of the testimonies of local people caught up in the 2017 London Bridge terrorist attack and its aftermath.

For more information about Marion Marples please see: 

Marion's Legacy Group 

In honour of the late Marion Marples (formerly Vice Chair of Living Bankside) we will support and enable the continuation of her significant positive contributions to Bankside, SE1 and beyond. 


This will be achieved through Marion's Legacy Group. it focus will include the following:

Gambia Street Garden - Marion's Way

We have renamed Gambia Street Garden, adjacent to where Marion lived on Dolben Street (marked by a blue plaque related to Mary Wolstencroft). It's new name will be Marion's Way

Marion Marples Lifetime Achievement Award 

At the ad hoc recommendation of Marion's Legacy Group, Living Bankside will award an individual who has made significant positive contributions to the people of SE1 for 10 or more years. 

Walk in Marion's Footsteps 

 In due course, we hope to create a walk which explores the different charitable activities of Marion within SE1 


SE1 Film Club

We endeavour to re-establish the Film Club which Marion established - This will offer an opportunity for employees and residents within SE1 to build relationships whilst enjoying main stream and indie films. 

St George in Southwark Festival 

We will continue to support the organisers of the St George in Southwark Festival in delivering the annual festival which celebrates St George and cohesion between people of different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities.  Marion was particularly passionate about ensuring St George's Day is a day for people of all backgrounds, given that St George was patron saint of dozens of countries and cultures. 

Supporting Lucy Brown House residents 


We have continued the support to Lucy Brown House residents, through digital inclusion, essentials and advocacy. We help both individuals and the Lucy Brown House TRA. 

Supporting Homeless people

We will work with and support where possible the Robes Shelter Project and other homelessness charities. 

Tackling food Poverty

We will work with and support where possible the Waterloo Foodbank, The Borough Food Cooperative and other charities which are tackling food poverty. 

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