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If you live or work in Bankside you are already aware of the rapid changes and new developments taking place every day. If we had a shared Neighbourhood Vision, it would help decision makers, developers, land owners businesses and the third sector have a better understanding of what locally is needed and desired. a shared Neighbourhood Vision will enable joined up thinking and partnership working for better neighbourhood now and for the many generations to come. 

Between 2020 and 2035 it is our ambition to improve the health and wellbeing of people in our neighbourhood, by working collaboratively to create a shared vision for the local neighbourhood. The Vision will refer to policy but will focus on milestones and deliverables. How we address the needs and desires of our neighbourhood will be detailed in the Neighbourhood Vision. 


The shared vision will be inclusive of all stakeholders (such as local, regional government and corporate/third sector). 


The shared vision will focus on (not exhaustive list):


  1. Health & Well-being 

  2. Air Quality & Environment 

  3. Housing 

  4. Jobs

  5. Education 

  6. Shops

  7. Public transport 

  8. Activities for children and adults (including older people)

  9. History & Heritage (including character)

  10. Arts & Culture 

  11. Community Safety 


For example -  our shared vision may identify a desire and need for our neighbourhood to be carbon neutral by 2030. 


This will then be translated into milestones and actions over the ten year period to illustrate how we achieve this aim. 


The Vision will be a live document and it is our aim to complete the first version by November 2020 - to be launched on our 25th Anniversary. 


The outcomes of the vision will be identified through three types of data: 


  1. Primary/action research (door to door/surveying residents, employees, employers and others with sustained interest in the area) 

  2. Statistics/existing research (Census, NHS, CCG, demographics, Southwark Giving research etc)

  3. Audits (Living Bankside research identifying what currently exists or what is proposed for the near future in relation to our 11 areas of work - as listed above) 


The three sets of data will identify need/demand and illustrate what currently exists to meet that need or demand - and how effective and accessible is that provision. If there are issues with effectiveness or accessibility the plan will identify how this can be improved. Where there are voids in provision the plan will identify what solutions can be brought forward to address the need/demand.

How can you get involved to shape our neighbourhood

1. Participate in our online survey. Let us know what is needed or desired in our neighbourhood: click here

2. Share our online survey above and help us reach as many local people as possible so that our shared vision is truly representative


3.  Contact us if you'd like to know more and if you'd like to get involved or help out in other ways. 

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