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In 2019 the OceanDiva (Europe’s biggest party boat, the length of a football pitch, with a capacity of 1500 partygoers) stealthily planned to dominate the River Thames in London, applying to establish a privately run pier (Swan Lane Pier) in the heart of London, without genuine consultation of local people and without referencing that it's purpose was to host an enormous party boat.

But the plan was uncovered and Living Bankside led a campaign with local stakeholders against the plans which resulted in the OceanDiva being unanimously refused in November 2020 by the City of London.

Now, without consultation, plans are afoot to bring the OceanDiva through a new venture to the heart of London.

Amir Eden, Executive Chairman of Living Bankside which represents and serves over 25,000 residents in SE1 says "The OceanDiva will be disastrous for London, the River Thames, the environment and the people who live in, work in and visit the areas around it."

Covid 19 has thrown into relief how important it is for people to have access to natural space and particularly public realm, because not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden or balcony of their own.

The Thames is London’s biggest public realm and should belong to everyone.

Let’s not let it get commodified. Let’s learn from Venice before it’s too late

and keep the mega-ships out of the heart of our city.

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How can you get involved to stop this commodification of the Thames? 

1. Sign the petition:

Living Bankside represents nearly 25,000 residents from the London Eye to City Hall and down to Elephant & Castle. Our area includes elderly people and young children, some of whose homes are on the river. Our aim is to support and promote considerate and sustainable regeneration projects, working with both residents and developers for appropriate solutions. 

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