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Our Aim:


Our aim is to maintain and improve the mental and physical health of people within Bankside, Borough and SE1.

Our Objectives:


1) Operate strategically and holistically, bringing together all stakeholders to share capacity and affect long term positive change.

2) Enable local people to shape redevelopment, regeneration and change in the neighbourhood.

3) Promote ans preserve the History and Heritage of the neighbourhood.

4) Promote active living through activities which improve mental and physical health.

5) Promote Community Cohesion.

6) Tackle air pollution and climate change thus improving environmental sustainability.

7) Ensure the best start in life for young people in our neighbourhood.

8) Enable older people in our neighbourhood to live positive and active lives.

9) Promote active citizenship and enable people to get involved in the neighbourhood.

10) Improve security and resilience in the short, medium and long term.

11) Promote the arts and culture in our neighbourhood.

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