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The Bankside Residents' Forum was established in 1995 to involve residents with the developers who were beginning to discover north Southwark and the area around the Bankside Power Station. 


In the late 70s people had begun to move back into the area with the building of Falcon Point flats, the Rochester estate, Edward Edwards House, and the conversion of some of the old warehouses by the river. North Southwark Community Development Group and local residents became engaged in the battle for 'Homes not Offices' on the South Bank with the Coin Street Action Group.


Early developments in the 90s included the recreation of the Globe Theatre, the conversion of the old Power station to Tate Modern, the building of the Millennium Bridge and the opening of the new Jubilee line station at Southwark.


Early local BRF campaigns included action against illegal trading on Bankside and involvement with instigating a ban on coach parking north of Southwark Street as well as engagement with the long running Thameslink 2000 project and subsequent enquiry.


In 2004 and 2005 there were the first consultations about huge developments on the old Sainsbury's site (20 Blackfriars Road)  and 185 Park Street, neither of which have yet (2016) been built.


In 2005 BRF participated in the Thameslink enquiry, Southwark's ill-fated tall Buildings policy, and helped see off the proposed Tate tower between Tate Modern and Falcon Point.


In 2005 two members of BRF formed the Community Film Club as part of Tate Modern's community involvement.


In 2007 the Community Space at Bankside Mix (18 Great Guildford Street) was leased to Better Bankside to manage on behalf of the local community. BRF was able to use a desk here.  2008 saw the property crash and several developments were put on hold.


In 2009 Andrew Richardson became coordinator and BRF was involved in a number of projects such as the revitalisation of the shopping parade in Great Suffolk Street and the creation of the Bankside Urban Forest.


2010 was the 10th anniversary of Bankside Open Spaces Trust. The new Mint Street Festival marked the beginning of a Community Anchor Partnership between BOST, Blackfriars Settlement and BRF. That summer the London Festival of Architecture brought much interest to Bankside.


In 2011 Bankside Residents' Forum vigorously opposed the move by developers GC Bankside to provide the affordable housing component of its scheme at NeoBankside offsite.


The government also declared Bankside a 'front runner' in the localisation of the planning process Julian Cooling, chair of Bankside Residents' Forum, said:  "Bankside is a unique neighbourhood, and therefore deserves a unique plan to ensure local views for the future are addressed over the next decade. Everyone is committed to developing a neighbourhood plan that provides Bankside with a planning policy framework for future growth while meeting local needs."


In 2012 funding from Southwark council for the coordinator was withdrawn and Bankside Residents' Forum entered a new phase as a volunteer-led campaign group. Resources became stretched with the development of the Neighbourhood Forum to develop the Neighbourhood Plan.


In 2013 Bankside Residents' Forum consulted widely on a local response to Southwark Council's  Blackfriars Road Supplementary Planning Document and submitted a substantial document.


Due to a lack of resources and capacity between 2014 and early 2016 the efforts of Bankside Residents' Forum was diminished.


In 2016 a revitalised Board of Directors, led by a new Chair, Amir Eden begin the revival and the re-branding of  Bankside Residents' Forum as a vital community organisation and voice of the ever changing residential community - informing people about the planning process as well as helping foster community cohesion.

The Bankside Residents' Forum conduct a substantial door-to-door consultation of the Bankside Neighbourhood Plan, reaching over 300 people.



In 2017 David McLean is appointed Interim Chief Executive Officer until March 2017. 

Dozens of Undergraduate and Graduate volunteers join the Bankside Residents' Forum to assist it in its work in Planning, History and Heritage and Community Cohesion.

In March 2017 George Nicholson is appointed Patron of Bankside Residents' Forum 

On 31st March 2017 Bankside Residents' Forum in partnership with Bankside Open Spaces Trust organise a Bankside Easter Egg Hunt which is attended by hundreds of children from the local area. 


On Sunday 3rd June 2018 Bankside Residents' Forum (Now Living Bankside) in partnership with Southwark Cathedral hosts a Grand Iftar at Southwark Cathedral to mark the first anniversary of the London Bridge attack.

In August 2018 Bankside Residents' Forum is rebranded and its name is changed to Living Bankside.  


Marion Marples

Launch of SE1 Neighbourhood Vision


COVID Pandemic 

25th Anniversary 

Virtual Iftar 

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