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National Planning Policy Framework

If you live or work in Bankside you are already aware of the rapid changes and new developments taking place every day. If we had a Bankside Neighbourhood Plan, it would help future developers and land owners have a better understanding of what locally is considered acceptable development.

The Bankside Residents' Forum and Better Bankside make up the secretariat of We Are Bankside - the group responsible for producing the Bankside Neighbourhood Plan. The secretariat of We Are Bankside are the executive group responsible for leading We Are Bankside.

We Are Bankside is made up of 7 residents, 7 businesses and 7 local organisations.

Due to a lack of resources and capacity, Bankside Residents' Forum's involvement in the Bankside Neighbourhood Plan between April 2014 and April 2016 was diminished.

With the revival of the organisation and the coming of a new board in May 2016, the Bankside Residents' Forum have renewed their involvement in shaping the final version of the Bankside Neighbourhood Plan.

The Bankside Neighbourhood Plan is currently being prepared for submission to the local planning authority (Southwark Council)

For more information please visit We Are Bankside or contact us.

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