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In September 2018 Transport For London publicised its proposal to remove the RV1 Bus route.

On Saturday 23rd February 2019 (meet at Bernie Spain, South Gardens at 1pm) Living Bankside (formerly known as Bankside Residents' Forum) is organising a march to protest against Transport For London's proposal appealing to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan for his support in investment and promotion of the RV1 bus route rather than its proposed removal.

Living Bankside, with local stakeholders and residents will be marching along Stamford Street, Southwark Street, up Borough High Street, along Tooley Street to Potters Fields Park. This will be a peaceful protest and we request that all those who join the march act peacefully and within the law. 

Join Living Bankside, a number of local stakeholders and residents in requesting support from the Mayor of London to prevent the removal of the RV1 bus route. 


Living Bankside  is supportive of  the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan's efforts, policies and determination in relation to tackling air pollution, making London an age friendly city ,promoting culture and tourism and many other areas. 

Living Bankside believes Transport For London's proposal to remove the RV1 bus route is contrary to the above policies and vision. 


The termination of the bus will remove one of the cleanest routes from London’s streets and replace parts of the route with diesel buses, this is contradictory to the Healthy Streets aims and objectives in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy.

Many older residents living along the route in both South and Central London are reliant on the RV1 bus to get to the local hospitals and to and from cultural institutions and community activities which enable them to be involved in thier community. Removing the RV1 bus will mean a step backwards in striving for a truly age friendly city. 

A number of cultural institutions such as TATE Modern, Borough Market, National Theatre, Tower of London, Convent Garden and Shakespeare's Globe are serviced by the RV1 Bus. The removal of the bus will undoubtedly have an effect on access to these cherished institutions.  #culturebus #savetheculturebus

The areas of London which the RV1 bus services are set to see an exponential growth in residential population, number of employees and visitors. We believe Transport For London's proposal is short sighted and that the removal of the RV1 Bus Service will cause a a greater void in the Public Transport Network in the future. 

Living Bankside appreciates that Transport For London has some difficult decisions to make  due to the problems with its finances. We appreciate the need for Transport For London to make efficiency savings. however we feel the removal of the RV1 bus route is not an efficiency saving but a proposal without proper rationale.  

Amir Eden


Executive Chair of Living Bankside 

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