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The Guild of Southwark Guides was established in 2020 by Living Bankside and a group of people across London interested in the heritage of the Borough.


The Guild of Southwark Guides will unite peoples committed to preserving and promoting the history and heritage of Bankside, Borough, SE1 and Southwark.

The Guild will in due course accept applications for members including professionals, amateurs and students  who are actively involved in or are interested in the heritage of the Borough of Southwark and or guiding.


The Guild is a professional association which will operate throughout Bankside, Borough, SE1 and Southwark. 

Purpose of Guild


  • To offer Southwark related guided walks and lectures to the people of Southwark.

  • To provide an accredited course for those interested in providing guides and lectures about the history of Southwark. 

  • To provide membership to those interested in guiding in Southwark with particular benefits, such as access to specific locations.

  • To develop information about the history and cultural places of interest within the Borough. 

  • To promote greater understanding for those living and working within the Borough of its history and heritage. 

  • To provide information, tours and interpretation of the Borough for visitors from the rest of London, outside the Capital and from Overseas. 

  • To support museums, galleries, theatres and businesses involved with entertainment, hospitality and tourism within Southwark, and promote these places as part of tours and lectures.


The Guild endeavours to commit to raising and maintaining the highest professional standards of its membership. The Blue Badge is recognised internationally as the qualification of excellence in site and heritage interpretation, and in communication skills. It is awarded only following extensive training and vigorous examination.

The Guild is run by a steering group and will provide support and advice to its members on both policy and all issues covering guide services, sites and health & safety.

The Guild will endeavour to ensure members are kept up-to-date with frequent  e-bulletins and regular newsletters packed with informative articles and updates on guiding-related issues; monthly diaries listing major events, opening times and admission prices; access to an extensive Continuing Professional Development programme.

The Guild endeavours to provide a number of benefits to its members including that its members are covered under public liability insurance, which would provide annual cover up to £5million. 

The professional association is without political bias but where necessary it will act as a pressure group and consultative body on all matters concerning the history and heritage of Southwark and guiding.

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