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It has been a tough year for all of us . We have all seen and felt the significant impact of the pandemic on our lives. As restrictions begin to ease, we look to the future of our neighbourhood. 


Living Bankside exits as a Strategic body to improve our neighbourhood with all stakeholders ‘Working Together’ for a better future. To make it a neighbourhood for the benefit of all no matter their background. A neighbourhood where every person is able to shape change not just those who are best equipped.


We are reigniting this ambition. 


By ‘Working Together’ we can unlock the amazing potential of our neighbourhood.


Never has that potential been clearer than during this pandemic. We want to thank everyone in our neighbourhood, those of you who have responded so wonderfully and collaboratively in  extremely difficult circumstances. 


In the last year we have seen thousands of vulnerable people supported by the many volunteers, frontline workers, public services ,charitable organisations, faith groups and businesses. 


The pandemic has highlighted the many inequalities and injustices in our society. My ambition is to unite our neighbourhood so we can address that inequality.  


A new era is on the horizon. An era of deeper collaboration, where meaningful partnerships are formed, where resources are shared and need and demand is met collectively. History shows us that in moments of such shared and extreme hardship, people can come together in a spirit of solidarity to lay the foundations for a better future. A progressive future which delivers on the needs of people and our planet in a greater and accelerated manner not simply returning to how things were. Only by ‘Working Together’ can we achieve this.


I look forward to working with you to continue to build a better future for our neighbourhood.

Amir Eden


Executive Chairman of Living Bankside


The ‘Working Together’ Initiative will include the following:


Click on the links below to find out more about how we will be working with all stakeholders to deliver on the needs and priorities of the people of SE1 

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